About Us


The Winemakers Table features creative and gastronomic cuisine, offering diners the opportunity to try diverse flavors, while enjoying the most unique European style setting in South Florida.

Jessica Scialletti


Jessica Scialetti is a cake designer, business woman, and promoter of European culinary arts. Owner of the Swiss brand, Jess Art Gateaux, Jessica wants to share with diners a wonderful experience, from wine to dessert.

Chef Joshua

Chef Joshua Bradley had the great opportunity of starting his culinary studies at the age of 14. For as long as he can remember, he has found his home in kitchens and his passion in culinary arts. His desire is to create food for his guests that will please their tastebuds everytime, made from scratch, with fresh, quality ingredients,

Fernando Ballesteros


He is a Certified Sommelier from Johnson’s & Wales University and United States Sommeliers Association.

He worked for 13 years in New York at Rainbow Room Spark’s Steak House, 14 years in Boca Raton at Coppola’s Family Restaurants and in Fort Lauderdale at Casa d’Angelo and Serafina.

And now he is with us at The Winemakers Table, sharing his charisma and his wine knowledge and advising our clients selection.